Reimagining the treatment
of Chronic Diseases with



Our drug-device platform consists of drug aerosol formulations and cutting-edge technology that allows for precise and fast drug delivery into the small airway of the lungs.

Inhalation Technology


A potential alternative to routine injections for those with chronic diseases, which allows for improved efficacy and a better patient experience.


We are advancing a diverse pipeline of inhaled therapies for the treatment of chronic diseases in the endocrinology, respiratory and cardiovascular space.

Our initial focus was on diabetes. We developed a soft mist inhaled human insulin for patients with type 1 and 2 diabetes which has demonstrated a faster onset and similar profile to injectable insulin in clinical studies. In addition, we have formulated a pre-meal rapid acting Glucagon like Peptide Analog (GLP-1) to help patients with type 2 diabetes keep their postprandial hyperglycemia (hyperglycemia after meals) under control.

We are broadening our focus beyond diabetes to include additional chronic conditions that could potentially achieve better treatment efficiency from the patient friendly administration afforded by the AFINA Inhaler. Our pipeline therapies target hypoparathyroidism, osteoporosis and human growth hormone deficiency (HGH), which could benefit from the frequent pulsatile administration of inhaled parathyroid hormone and HGH. LEARN MORE