Successful aerosol drug-device combinations depend on optimum device characteristics and performance. Our breath actuated inhalers are designed to improve effectiveness of inhaled drugs, deliver better clinical outcomes and provide shorter treatment time.


AFINA is designed with smart technology to optimize the precise delivery of biologics therapies through the lungs in seconds.


AFINA Inhaler uses smart technology – it is breath actuated with a visual indicator that lights up with constant green to indicate optimal breathing, or flashes if the patient inhales too fast or slow – ensuring precise delivery of the drug through the lungs for local or systemic therapeutic effect. It is Bluetooth-enabled with real time data collection.

The AFINA Inhaler is powered by a vibrating mesh technology. It has a palladium-nickel coated mesh with thousands of tiny funnel-like holes. When the mesh vibrates 128,000 times per second, the liquid drug formulation gets pushed through the funnel, turning it into a fine mist of tiny droplets which are the right size to breathe in. The design of the inhaler allows the aerosol flow to be laminar, instead of turbulent, so more particles are delivered to the lungs rather than to the back of the throat. And as a result, there is no coughing associated with inhalation of the gentle mist. The AFINA Inhaler delivers approximately 80% of the drug to the lungs which is 2-4 times higher than conventional inhalers – enabling efficient delivery of the right dose of drug in a short amount of time.

AFINA Inhaler is validated in multiple clinical trials. LEARN MORE

Novel formulations

Novel formulations:

  • Compatible for use with multiple biologic formulations explored
  • Stable formulations for long-term viability

Drop dispenser

Drop dispenser:

  • Easily loaded
    and cleaned
  • No need for refrigeration
  • Strong, sterile
    microbial barrier

Mesh technology

Mesh technology:

  • State-of the Art Vibrating Mesh Technology
  • 120,000 vibrations
    per second

Smart Inhaler

Smart inhaler:

  • Breath-activated for precise dosing
  • > 80% drug deposition deep in the Lung
  • Silent and discreet
  • Pocket size


For a number of chronic diseases, treatment via inhalation is an ideal alternative to routine injections allowing for improved drug bioavailability and efficacy while also providing a better patient experience. Chronic diseases including those treated by hormones, could benefit from the frequent pulsatile administration afforded by an inhaled delivery option, which better mimics physiological release of the desired compounds.

The efficiency of inhalation therapy is largely dependent on how much of the drug reaches the intended site of deposition. The AFINA Inhaler has a lung deposition > 80%, compared to 20% -40% deposition from conventional inhalers, so most of the drug goes deep in the lungs with rapid onset of action.